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Easton, CT
06612 USA

ExpatTaxPros is a boutique tax practice specializing in tax compliance and consulting services for high net worth individual clients.  We offer a highly personalized, discreet service and do not outsource work to low cost centers overseas.

ExpatTaxPros clients reside in all four corners of the world.  They include US citizens and green-card holders residing outside the USA who wish to remain compliant with US tax rules and filing requirements - our expertise assists these individuals in ensuring their global income tax costs are minimized. Since late 2012 when it was first announced, we have also been assisting individuals become compliant under the IRS Streamlined Procedure Fact Sheet for low risk non-resident non-filers.

We also work with foreign citizens coming to live in the US while retaining their foreign investments, entity holdings as well as foreign pension plans. Reporting of such foreign interests has attracted heightened IRS scrutiny and significant penalties in recent years for non-compliance. Such disclosures of overseas assets and investments under the new FATCA rules include the Form 8938, FBAR, 8621, 5471, 8865, 3520, 3520-A and several others.

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